What Is InboxQ?

InboxQ delivers a realtime stream of questions related to your business, products, industry or general interests from Twitter directly to your browser. You can download InboxQ for Chrome and Firefox.

Why Did We Create InboxQ?
We started InboxQ because we realized that there were lots of questions being asked by people on Twitter but most weren't receiving very useful answers. In fact, most questions go completely unanswered on Twitter.

We also saw that lots of businesses were having a hard time finding ways to engage with Twitter users. Most of the available solutions are limited to basic keyword searches which return lots of unrelated Tweets or false positives.

InboxQ solve both of these problems. We help increase the likelihood that askers will get great answers to their questions. At the same time, we alert businesses to compelling engagement opportunities where they can use their expertise to help solve a problem and potentially win new customers.

Who Are We?
InboxQ was founded by Joe Fahrner and Jason Konrad in 2009 and is powered by a small, hyper-productive team based in San Francisco. We like to use really complex technology to build very simple products that solve real problems.

We've been very lucky to partner with an awesome group of investors, including Y CombinatorJeff ClavierChris Sacca,Trinity VenturesWTIVenture51John Bautista and Tim Connors, that share our vision (and pass the beer test).

Contact Us
For help, you can visit our support forum. You'll get the most timely and best answers there directly from our team.

For everything else, you can email Joe at joe@inboxq.com.