From Bieber to Barack: Twitter's Most Asked Accounts

What do Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Xbox Support all have in common?  All three get asked a massive number of questions on Twitter.

We analyzed over two billion Tweets to determine which Twitter accounts were being asked the most questions.  Then, we grouped the top 100 most asked accounts by category to see which and what type of accounts attracted the most curious Tweeters.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Justin Bieber is the undisputed king of Twitter questions.  An impressive 16% of all questions asked of the accounts in our top 100 most asked list were posed directly to @JustinBieber.  In fact, teen idols are generally the most asked accounts on Twitter.  34% of all the questions asked to the accounts on our top 100 list were posed to someone who was most famous for being a teen idol.

We've categorized the remaining 54% of of questions by target in the Twitter's Most Asked infographic below.  Check it out to learn who the most asked musicians, athletes, politicians, support accounts and more are.

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Twitter's Most Asked

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