InboxQ for iPhone is Now Live in the iTunes App Store

Today we are very excited to announce our first mobile application, InboxQ for iPhone.  You can download the app now directly from the iTunes app store.

The app offers all the functionality of our browser extension and  Plus, existing InboxQ users info is automatically synched to the iPhone app as soon as you sign in.  So, you can access all your existing question campaigns anytime you are away from your browser.


The question asking process couldn't be easier.  Simply enter your question...


... and we'll show you a list of Twittter users that we think can answer you.


You can browse through our recommendations and select who you may want to ask.  Once you do, we'll send your question to that knowledgeable individual straight from your Twitter account.  We'll send you a push notification when your question is answered so you can view it directly from the app.  You'll also be able to view the answer Tweet directly from your favorite Twitter app since the full exchange happens directly on Twitter.


You can download InboxQ for iPhone right now from the iTunes store.

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